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 Are you a real estate agent? tired of showing homes? Every wanted to get on the other side of the table?  Learn how to start your own real estate brokerage with little to nothing down.  In 100% commission brokerage and death of the big box realty, I talk about how I built one of the largest real estate brokerages and recruited over 500 agents within 36 months.

Learn to have files come to you and never have to worry about knocking on doors again!  How would you like to make passive  income of up to $50,000 a month?

Do the math:

500 agents x $795 a file flat fee=$397,500 a year.

This doesn’t include the side income from doing your own deals, flipping houses, having an in-house title company, insurance company, etc.

Even with 3 full time assistants at $30,000 a year ($90,000 in salary) your still making over $300,000 a year or over $30,000 a month!

The question is how do you do it?  How can you do it with little or nothing down? In my book 100% Commission Brokerage and Death of the Big Box Realty, I teach you how to recruit 1000 agents within 36 months!  Learn everything from A-Z on exactly building the business from ground up with proven scripts!

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