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Are you a Real Estate Agent?

Tired of Showing Homes?

Ever wanted to start your own Real Estate Brokerage?

Learn how to start your own realty with little or nothing down today! In 100 percent commission brokerage and death of the big box realty, you will learn how to build your own real estate brokerage from ground up at the lowest possible costs.

What if you can own an Apartment Building without the tenants, mortgages, headaches, and management?


Learn to have files come to you and never have to worry about knocking on doors again!  How would you like to make a passive income of up to $50,000 a month?

Do the math:

500 agents x $795 a file flat fee=$397,500 a year.

This doesn’t include the side income from doing your own deals, flipping houses, having an in-house title company, insurance company, etc.

Even with 3 full time assistants at $30,000 a year ($90,000 in salary) your still making over $300,000 a year or over $30,000 a month!

The question is how do you do it?  

Learn everything from A-Z on exactly building the real estate brokerage business from ground up with proven scripts!

In  100% Commission Brokerage and Death of the Big Box Realty, learn how to recruit 1000 agents within 36 months!  

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100percentrealestatestartup“The key difference between Shah’s brokerage and most other well-known, franchise real estate agencies is in its disposition of the agent’s commission on each sale: it allows an agent to keep the entire commission, instead of the 50 to 80 percent offered by a franchise brokerage”

—-Kirkus Reviews

“Unlike the big brokerage houses, which can take as much as 50% of the commissions their agents earn from their sales, Shah’s brokerage took no commission from those agents who were associated with him. His ideas are brilliant, and his recipes for building a 100% commission brokerage seem sound and easily put into practice.”

—-Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

“This is the best well written Real Estate Brokerage Book I have read to date. I highly recommend this book to those who want to learn Bells and Whistles about being your own broker or making more money as a real estate agent. You will not be disappointed!”

—-Best Brokerage Book to Date, Amazon Verified Review

“I also own a 100% commission brokerage in California ( CURB Realty ) so I was fascinated that someone actually wrote a book on the same business model. the book was written in a fun matter of fact style. in the book I picked up some wonderful nuggets to apply to my business. ..well worth the price of admission !”

100% commission business ugets to be had, Amazon Verified Review

Investors Dream-Amazon Review

“As a real estate investor since 1974, I enjoyed reading Mr. Shah’s book. Although it was more tailored for the real estate broker, it was interesting to see how real estate professionals operate and who I, as an investor, can approach to maximize my yields and returns. For example, using a broker that is on this 100 percent model allows me to have him or her give me a rebate from their commission and thus giving me an extra point on my transaction. You simply cannot do that with a traditional Remax Broker for example. Great Model and up and coming system for decades. If your a real estate investor worth the $10 bucks.”

Investors Dream, Amazon Verified Review

“This Book is Broker’s Gem-I Keep it on the Desk Regularly. I loved the Rebate Model. Big Box Realty shows you how to make money fast from the ground up. Also truly Helps Brokers build their business with scripts to follow and gives advice on helping their agents as well as make more money. It’s a true win-win for all. Love it!!”

Broker’s Gem, David Marco-Good Reads Review


Build Your Business.

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