How to Choose a Real Estate Agent




Money!  is the number one factor consumers consider before choosing a real estate agent to purchase, or sell a home. “How much will it cost? How much will it save me? How much more will I make?” These are just a few of the questions that go through the minds of homebuyers and sellers everywhere when deciding how to buy/sell a home in today’s improving economy.

After all, why are they hiring you in the first place? They are making a trade-off between you getting them MORE money then them advertising it on their own on the web, flyer, etc.

There is little doubt that unless a home buyer or seller has extensive experience in the real estate game, they will most definitely benefit greatly by hiring a reputable agent, rather than traversing the choppy waters of today’s recovering housing market alone. Why? An experienced agent can know how to maneuver and has an in-depth knowledge of the market. It is their primary duty to be on top of new changes in real estate laws, recent and historic market data, and to provide you with market comparisons for similar homes on the market. This knowledge, in the hands of a qualified agent, ensures that the home buyer or seller will get the most savings and the most profit.

This all translates in GETTING THE MOST MONEY for the customer.

So, what if you don’t have experience? Then your company needs to have it. You sell the company! If your working with a seller, show them how they can maximize exposure and get them the most money for their home. Alternatively, you can even offer them a discounted listing to help them save if their property has little to no equity.   This way there’s enough room for you to still list it and for them to sell it. If your working with a buyer, a great strategy is offering them a rebate.

So, if you make 3% as a cooperating agent on let’s say a $300,000 single family home, you will receive $9,000 gross commission income. What if you were to rebate 50% of that? How happy would that buyer be? How many more referrals would he or she send your way?

If you would like to receive a FREE rebate agreement check out  100 Percent Commission Brokerage as SHAH lay’s out step-by-step on how to make more money and add more value to your clients.

Real Estate is a tricky, and highly competitive business. You have to continue to fight for business. However, you don’t have to fight hard just smart.